What should we tell you that you don’t know already? Peymane’s menu is composed of traditional and rich delicacies from different regions of Anatolia.


Elazığ-style stuffed meatballs, specially chosen tender lamb meat from Kırklareli, Antakya cheese melted in a wood stove, Peymane salad (the bewildering taste of eggplant and tomato) and the pistachio baklava brought from Antep every morning are the most notable choices. In addition to classical kebabs, the liver, sweetbread and kidney on skewer are tastes that rise to prominence. The special Peymane wrap (now a classic), the çöp şiş and chicken kokoreç are among those dishes that you must absolutely try...


Peymane also offer a catering service so that you can savour your favorite dishes in other settings.