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Peymane's cuisine belongs to the regions areas of Anatolia, comprised of their traditional and rich delicacies. Elazığ style stuffed meatballs, carefully selected lamb meat from Kırklareli and baklava with pistachios brought from Antep are among the most gripping choices.


Besides the classic kebabs, liver and shish kebabs shine as different flavours from the grill. The Peymane wrap that has become a classic, çöp şiş(marinated small lamb pieces on a skewer) and ribs are among what you should try out. Not to mention, fresh appetizers(mezze) are prepared every day in our kitchen. The mezzes which are renewed according to the seasons are presented to you with different options every week. Although, spicy yoghurt(atom), humus and muhammara are the unchanging choices from our menu of course... We also have a lot of healthy mezzes along with every traditional flavour.


We only use Kemah Salt in all our mezzes and kebabs. Nowadays, 5 thousand kilos of salt is produced per year in the salina that was opened by the Ottomans in the Kömür Village of Kemah District, Erzincan. And we are using this natural super salt.